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Practical Wisdom for Pastoral Leaders

This text had its beginnings early one morning just prior to a seminar for training Pastors and Church Leaders. I had already advertised that my topic would be the “Do’s and Don’ts of Pastoring”.

I said to my wife Yvonne,
“What practical things have we learnt over the last thirty years of ministry?”

Within thirty minutes we had written down about fifty do’s and don’ts of ministry. When the seminar started I put these up on the overhead point by point and made a few comments. A lively dialogue followed. It was a real success.

The pastors and leaders were very enthusiastic. They loved it. Many said it was the best seminar they had ever attended.


The Walton Story

The Walton Family
from New Zealand

An inspiring story set against a strict religious background. John Walton reflects on the journey and life changing experiences that led to complete transformation into an exciting favored life for John, Yvonne and their family — The Waltons


“The Waltons from New Zealand” is a well-written collection of personal stories, some which are amusing to read as are others tragic. But underlying each experience shared, whether happy or sad, is John’s faith and a steadfast belief that the successes and challenges faced throughout his life have been part of a greater spiritual plan.

True and honest account of John Waltons life. It bought back many memories. A good read for anyone who has ever had anything to do with Exclusive Brethren or just wants to know some history of them. Very interesting book.

I loved the writing in this book, it was touching, delightful, inspiring and deeply moving. As an addicted reader I could not put it down.


The Life Transformers

A proven workable plan to facilitate thousands of churches in winning and discipling the many people who are open to the gospel but may never initially come to our churches.


Pastor Rick Dobbs: “It is scriptural, sensible and practical. It shows a clear way out of the frustrating problem of how see true and lasting growth. As this vision has been shared with the church they have responded, and although in the early stages, we are excited and beginning to step out with fresh purpose and enthusiasm.”

Pastor Ian Wilson: “I personally have found this seminar most inspiring and encouraging. A focusing lense to clarify the great commission task that disciple making is the greatest church growth principle there is. This program is showing our church that we can do it. This seminar will undoubtedly get what we know from our heads to our hearts and down to our feet.”


Educating Values

The purpose of this book is to see current and future generations benefit from having a foundation of great morals and values. If embraced, these practical common-sense principles will guarantee true success and an exciting fulfilled life.

After each chapter there are discussion questions to promote lively dialogue……ideal for families, college value classes, prisons, youth groups etc.

The Convict and His Son

This story is an historical narrative surrounding the remarkable events of Andrew Snowden who was one of those convicts described in the ‘background story’, and his son Henry who was born and raised in Australia then spent his adult life in Northland, New Zealand; he lived an extraordinary life among the Maoris of the Ngāpuhi tribe including the famous warrior chief’s Hongi Hika and Ururoa. These tribal leaders were the historical great grandfathers of my wife Yvonne.


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Books by John Walton

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